Daily Travel Photo: Iguazu Rainbow

Daily Travel Photo: Iguazu Rainbow

Iguazu Falls Rainbow
Iguazu Rainbow

The Set Up

Rainbows have a strange mystique to them, probably because they don’t stick around all to long, and literally disappear into thin air.  In the mist of a waterfall, however, they stick around and dance through the moist air.  At Iguazu Falls, there seems to be rainbows everywhere, and though the natural beauty of the place alone is enough to be worthy of a few thousand photographs, people at this wonder of the world find themselves hunting for waterfalls.

The Shot

I can’t make this next point enough.  Shoot the details.  Anyone can take a photo of an amazing waterfall, but it takes a keen eye to shoot the details.  I believe this shot goes shows something beyond the simplicity of the waterfall and the rainbow.

This was shot with my 70-200mm IS f4 at a focal length of 70mm.  It was shot at F11 with a shutter speed of 1/250sec., Iso100.

How do you get to Iguazu Falls?

I got to Iguazu Falls with Gecko’s Adventures.

What’s Next?

Sunday is a day off for Brendan’s Adventures.  I am in Florianopolis, Brazil at the moment soaking up the sun.  Monday, a new article will go live about the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls.  If you haven’t yet read about the Argentian side of Iguazu Falls, check it out!