Lizard Crawl

Daily Travel Photo: Lizard Crawl


The Set Up

I traveled by bus out to Asunción‘s Botanical gardens, although to this day I’m not sure if there was a garden there.  It was more like an elaborate open park.  Regardless, I did have some fun walking around.  These bright green lizards kept racing in front of my feet on the trail ahead of me, the brightness in colour is not exaggerated in anyway in this photo.

The Shot

The lesson on this shot is to always have your camera turned to on and ready to shoot.  If you know that the chance is that you might have to quick fire on a lizard set your camera the way you want before you see the lizard so that all you need to do is shoot when the opportunity arises.  These guys don’t stick around and smile for the camera, you need to be prepared.

What did I Miss?

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