Daily Travel Photo: Montevideo Square

Daily Travel Photo: Montevideo Square

Montevideo Square

The set up

As I have mentioned before, Montevideo was a pleasant surprise for me.  Many tourists skip through quite quickly excited about the beaches to the north or the presence of Buenos Aires across the delta, but those who stick around for a little while are often swayed by the relaxed state of this city.  Montevideo is a little bit like a slower moving, calmer, and smaller version of Buenos Aires, but it does have its own character as well.

The tall building in this picture was at one time the tallest building in all of South America.

The shot

I had been sitting in this spot waiting for the light to go the right way for me.  As I was waiting, and thinking about my next shots the changing of the guard happened.  I knew I had to make a choice of whether I was going to shoot the guards or the square.  Or did I?  I ended up running back and forth like a crazed maniac shooting both scenes.  Needless to say I got some strange looks, but I also got some great shots.  Rule number 38 of photography: never be afraid to look crazy in order to get a great shot.

What’s did I miss?

Yesterday I posted another photo from Montevideo: Teatro Solis.

What’s next?

I move into Florianopolis for the next couple of articles, and then from there the articles will start to reach Uruguay.