Daily Travel Photo: Paraty Beach Canoe

Daily Travel Photo: Paraty Beach Canoe

Paraty Beach Canoe
Paraty Beach Canoe - Click to enlarge

The Set Up

Paraty is known for its proximity to very nice and somewhat secluded beaches.  However, the beach right in town is rarely swam in by tourists.  For photographers, on the other hand, this is a playground.  The beach was covered in old colourful canoes and scenery.

The Shot

I love putting old battered items together in photos with scenes of beauty.  There is something amazing about the contrast.  In this shot I found this beat up canoe that was so rich in colour it was begging for a photo.  I decided to get really low to the front and use it almost as a distraction.  I wanted to make it so that people looked at the boat and were like “cool boat” only to have their eyes wander to the left and see the amazing scenery at its side.

I shot this photo at f11 with a shutter speed of 1/125 at 29mm.  Iso100.

What did I miss?

Yesterday (Monday) I posted an article named “10 Things I Love about Being in Brazil.”

What’s Next?

Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be an article about the town of Paraty, Brazil, where this shot was taken.