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Daily Travel Photo: Piranha Line Up


The Set Up

Driving into the Pantanal my driver was apparently in no hurry at all.  He actually stopped on two separate occasions for lunch.  Regardless of the fact that I have no problem eating that much, I wasn’t going to knock back two buffet lunches in one afternoon.  Instead I wandered around the gift shop which ended up being a gold mine of strange and interesting crafts.  At first sight, I thought that these piranhas were handicrafts, but they were real; frozen in time.

The Shot

I was actually giving a fellow passenger a photography lesson when I shot this image.  She was a new DSLR user and had a very good photographic eye, just no idea how to translate that into the best images possible due to a lack of knowledge on how photography actually works.  A problem many people have when the start shooting.  In this photo I was teaching her about depth of field, as the photographers reading can probably tell.

What Did I Miss?

Yesterday I posted a time elapse video of a day in my life.

What’s Next?

I hope you like photo essays, because the next post coming up will be a photo essay from Cerro Cora National Park where I tracked Jaguars and other animals.

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