Daily Travel Photo: Puerto Madero Sky

Daily Travel Photo: Puerto Madero Sky

Puerto Madero Sky

The Set Up

Puerto Madero, which basically translates to port of wood, is a reclaimed part of Buenos Aires.  The area is the perfect place to go around dinner time to take part in the local tradition of eating far too much meat.  Along the old reclaimed port stand tall decorative cranes, beautiful walkways, and some great restaurants.

The Shot

This is a classic case of take your camera with you everywhere.  We were on our way to dinner, and the sky simply started to glow.  There was no manipulation to this shot, it was created 100% in camera.   For the photographers out there this was shot handheld (should start taking my tripod everywhere too) but resting on the rails of the walkway.  It was shot at a focal length of 24 at f 6.3 at 1/6 seconds, iso100.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I have a new article coming out talking about the “dirty” side of Buenos Aires, it is called “Buenos Aires, you could be Beautiful.”