Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador Night – Click to enlarge

Daily Travel Photo: Salvador Night


The Set Up

When the smoke cleared after the mayhem that is Carnival, Brazil what remained in Salvador da Bahia was quite a beautiful city.  My hat goes off to the people that cleaned the streets over the next couple of days.  The streets were littered with beer cans, plastic, paper bags and, well, everything in between.  The city that they uncovered below the rubbish is quite beautiful.  This is the lighthouse that sits along the coast of Barra.

The Shot

Who said you can’t take great travel photography with a point and shoot?  I am going to be re-launching my ebook on travel photography with a point and shoot within the next couple of weeks to give those of you who use point and shoots a hand with this.  Although now I use a DSLR, many of the photos I take are on my point and shoot.  The real trick though, is you always need to use the program settings, a low enough ISO setting, and a tripod (even if it looks silly to have a tiny point and shoot on a tripod).  Also, it really helps to take pictures at the right time of day, this was shot about an hour after sunset when you get a really nice iridescent blue sky.

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