Daily Travel Photo: Teatro Solis

Teatro Solis Montevideo Uruguay
Teatro Solis

The Set Up

Montevideo, Uruguay has one of the more interesting plazas in South America.  It houses  what used to be the tallest building in South America, and also has a number of other interesting buildings, both colonial and modern.  The jewel of these buildings is the theater which glows in bright gold lights in the evening time and is packed on the weekends.

The Shot

Shooting great photography is all about patience and good planning.  As I was setting up a number of shots in the plaza waiting for the right light a group of people came racing into the plaza with  thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment.  The group of Americans which were in from the cruise ship raced around for a couple of seconds and left.  A couple minutes after their departure the right light came in, the changing of the guard happened, and I got some great shots of it all.  Because I had planned a shooting sequence based on the amount of light I wanted for each shot I got great photos from a number of different angles and locations.  Nothing beats good planning.  Here is one of the many shots I grabbed on this Friday evening in Montevideo.