The Flower of Sao Paulo

The Flower of Sao Paulo

Daily Travel Photo: The Flower of Sao Paulo

The Set Up

Sao Paulo, Brazil is knocked often in the world as being a fairly boring city with little to do; it is “just a city.” However, I found a number of things to do in Sao Paulo. One of those things was a stroll around Parque Ipirapuera which is full of birds, nice trails, and people jogging along.  There are also some nice gardens if you’re a bit of a flower lover.  I’m not sure what kind of flower this is in the photo, but it’s certainly photogenic.

The Shot

This was one of those shots that I didn’t realize I liked until I got it on the computer.  I guess it all just looked too small on my lcd.  I love the composition of it, and how it looks so large scale.  Note, don’t delete images until they are on the computer screen.

You don’t need a macro lens to get these shots.  I shot this at 18mm, with an f of 3.5 at an exposure time of 1/320seconds, ISO 100.

What did I miss?

On Friday I published a photo essay on an amazingly photogenic library in Rio de Janeiro.

What’s next?

I’m out of Rio de Janeiro and into Sao Paulo.  But before I get to Sao Paulo I’m going to make a pit stop in the coastal town of Paraty.  Monday, I will have a new article up about “10 Things I love about Brazil.”

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