Walk like a Stick-gyptian

Daily Travel Photo: Walk like a Stick-gyptian


The Set Up

I had a series adventure in Cerro Cora National Park in Paraguay.  I was all alone, it was 40 degree weather with the humidity up near 90%.  And to top things off I was following fresh tracks from a Jaguar.  I have a great story to go along with my solo jaguar tracking but it has been bought by a publisher.  I will try to break down the story for you later and provide you to a link of the full article when it’s up.  But for now, you’re going to have to settle for pictures from my trek.  This one from my favourite bug family: the stick insects.

The Shot

They shoot your subject from eye level.  That takes a whole new challenging meaning when your subject is just a couple of inches from the ground.  However, if you want the best results, you are going to have to get your knees dirty, and in this case your chest as well.  I shot this with my 70-200mm f4L lens at 200mm.  I would have loved to have gotten closer, but these little guys were jumpy, be prepared to shoot.

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