Argentina has always held a huge appeal for me, as I’m sure it does for many travelers. There’s just such a mixed bag of things to see and do that I’m certain I would never get bored there. With stunning scenery, exotic nightlife and a deep, rich history, there’s really something for everyone.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has to be one of the most thrilling cities on the planet. It has earned itself a reputation as a fast-paced, sexy metropolis; the streets brimming with friendly locals and heady atmosphere. Where better to gnaw on a hunk of perfectly cooked meat than a traditional Argentinian parilla? Or to take in some of the best creative art the world has to offer than the Centro Cultural Recoleta?

Anyone with a spiritual inclination will no doubt appreciate Buenos Aires as a good starting point to head out on a journey of discovery. Lujan is about 70km west of the capital and is flagged up as one of the most important religious sites in Latin America. It’s a huge shrine built around a tiny ceramic figure of the Virgin Mary and attracts around 8 million visitors every year. Whether you’re religious or not, I feel like it’s well worth a visit, along with the Recoleta cemetery, where most of the Argentinian elite are buried, including Evita and Luis Angel Firpo.

Argentina, Iguazu Falls

I also think Mendoza is another must-see when you’re in this part of the world. Despite the dry desert conditions, there’s a huge artificial irrigation system in place, which allows local vineyard owners to grow the world-famous Malbec grapes, and eventually make some of the Southern Hemisphere’s best wines. Set to the thrilling backdrop of the Andes, this area is perfect, not only for the wine-tasting opportunities, but also for hikes, nature walks and biking.

El Calafate, Moreno Glacier

El Calafate and El Chalten sit off the western edge of the Patagonian Steppe and here you’ll find the second largest ice step in the world. The area in general is a little sparse, but the stunning surroundings definitely make a visit worthwhile. Bordering three countries and double the width of Niagra Falls, the Iguazu Falls are a definite attraction. Crossing the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, they really are one of the most spectacular, majestic sights the country has to offer.

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