Eating in Budapest

Continuing on with my new food YouTube channel, this is the first of what I’m sure is many opportunities for me to make a giant fool of myself.  In the first couple episodes of “Eating in” I managed to behave myself for the most part.  Unfortunately for my public image, I did a complete shift in Budapest.  Most of said embarrassment was fully a result of my love for a drink or two.

The series is called “Eating in…” but I’m fairly sure if I had my way the program would be called “Drinking in…”.  Judging by the results of this episode, I’m glad it isn’t.

Anyways, if you still have any respect for me, please continue reading the travel blog, or better yet subscribe to the food channel.  I promise in the future the videos will be more food related and less Brendan making a fool of himself-related.