The rain’s beating against the windows, the kids are screaming out for attention and you rue the day that you ever left your summer plans to the last minute. Sound familiar? This summer, instead of desperately trying to keep your children entertained, fed and watered, why not take the stress out of your downtime and pack the kids off to a summer course instead? (That sounds a lot more callous than I would hope but essentially it’s the truth). But I’m not talking about the stereotypical summer camp we’ve all seen on TV and film, nowadays, there are some incredibly prestigious, educational but above all fun summer course providers where your children can learn a great deal and have a wonderful time too.

Language course

English courses for kids at summer schools

Essentially summer courses offer education, fun activities and accommodation for your children for a set period of time. They range from a weekend stay to a full month of care; it is entirely up to your children (or you, I suppose)! The type of summer course will vary completely depending on their interests, the location and the price. For the sake of argument, let’s look at English courses for kids.

What do English courses involve?

For those whose native language isn’t English, which is a rapidly increasing number these days, English courses offer a fantastic, interactive and fully integrated method of study to improve the child’s speaking, reading and writing abilities. Every activity is geared towards improving their understanding as well as their confidence and they’re all taught in a fun, active way. This is just one example, and courses run with everything from basketball to golf, cookery to poetry, so take a look online for things that might interest your children specifically.

Are there any opportunities to go abroad?

I’m glad you asked that question because yes, there are many! They say travel broadens the mind and I’m of the opinion that it’s never too early to get broadening that brain! Keeping with the language theme, as you would expect there are international language schools all over the world teaching a plethora of different languages, so take a look online. Search English school in Malta to find out about a great school I can recommend in a wonderful setting! 

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