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5 Ways to Escape Stress in London


The truth is that most cities in the world are stressful.  With the honking horns, busy footpaths, and constant white noise, it often feels as if there is no escaping its grasp.  London, in particular, is famous for its stress.  Perhaps not helped by the poor weather that often grips the city, people are constantly looking for a way to escape the stress in London.  From spa breaks in London to chocolate paradise, I offer 5 tips for escaping the stressed of the city.

Spend Time in the Parks

London has some great parks, and they are almost always full.  While this option might not be possible on rainy days, when the sun is out you should be finding a nice piece of green grass and plopping down for as long as you can.  If you want to make a day of it, bring a picnic and a football or Frisbee.  On the coast the beach is where you relax. In London, find yourself a park.

London England

Take a Spa Break

UK spa breaks are quickly becoming the most popular way to escape the stress of the city.  Personally, massages creep me out.  However, I feel there is no better way to melt the stress away than sitting in a steam room or relaxing in a hot Jacuzzi.  If spas are your thing, you’ll find a number of really high quality places to relax and enjoy a few hours or peace and tranquillity.

Cadbury World

Who doesn’t start eating when they are stressed out?  So why not eat some delicious chocolate?  London’s Cadbury world is one of the best places on the planet for chocolate lovers.  Although the Belgians might argue the case, I doubt there are too many places in the world that British chocolate lovers would rather be.  If you’re looking to melt away the stress, why not melt away some delicious chocolate on your palate at the same time?  Cadbury world will certainly reduce your stress.  Well, maybe until you realize you’ve eaten 10,000 calories worth of chocolate while there.

Ride the Eye

Sure, it’s a little bit touristy and slightly expensive.  But there is no doubting the fact that the London Eye is a romantic and peaceful spin with fantastic views.  You’ll feel above the city and its stress in so many different ways.  Sure, if you’re scared of heights this might not work as well, but those who aren’t will not only feel stress-free, but they might also gain a chunk of appreciation from this place.

London England

Get to the Countryside

If you can’t escape the city’s stress from within, then why not get out of town and find relaxation in the countryside.  My personal favourite place to get away is Kent.  Nice hikes, plenty of open land, and some beautiful cathedrals in the towns like Canterbury if that interests you as well.  It only takes a couple hours to get out to Kent, but you will feel worlds away.

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