When traveling, there are several types of mentalities: hunkering down with your family or friends and enjoy their company, or putting yourself out there and meeting new people. When you find yourself in a popular travel destination, chances are you’re not only going to be experiencing a new culture; people from all over the world are hoping to enrich themselves in similar ways to you! Swapping stories and going on excursions together is a fantastic way put an even more unique stamp on your time away from home. Whether it’s mingling with the locals or meeting fellow tourists, taking in new sights is always fun with a crowd!

Local Hangouts

If you’re after an authentic experience that will leave you with a better understanding of your surroundings, heading off of the beaten path and popping your head in to some local hangouts is a great way to see what life is like. Dedicated communities of locals, like those in Hawaii, are filled with spots rarely written about in travel guides. Stepping away from the comfort of Waikiki hotels for an evening and meeting people will yield an adventure that you may not have found otherwise! Plenty of locals take great pride in their cities, and are eager to show off the things that make their hometown unique. So whether it’s a great beach on North Shore, or a terrific restaurant in Kailua, locals hold a wealth of knowledge that will serve you and your trip for the better!

Pairing Up With Tourists

If you’re in your room at The Modern Honolulu in Waikiki and are hoping to find something new to try during the afternoon, try your hand at talking to some other guests. With a place like this to call home, there are tons of places to meet travelers like yourself, many of whom may be hoping to find something to do as well. Hotel meeting points like the pool or the lobby can be tremendous when it comes to sharing stories and experiences. If you and your group share a common item on your to-do list, partner up! Heading off on an excursion is a surefire way to make new friendships during your trip!

Regardless of whether or not you stay in touch after your trip, meeting new people is part of the fun. Amongst travelers, sharing stories is a must, and if you are able to discover a truly worthwhile destination, do your due diligence and pass it on!

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