Arequipa Cathedral, Plaza, Peru

Arequipa Plaza

I stood in the plaza and looked up in awe at the beautiful Arequipa Cathedral towers. And although my intent was always to shoot the plaza in Arequipa, I wasn’t sure what or where. However, as I watched the bright blue sky behind the cathedral begin to tint a blue and purple colour I knew I needed to find a clean vantage point. After a couple minutes of scanning I spotted what looked like a patio restaurant well on top of the plaza. I climbed the 7 flights of stairs and was awarded by this incredible view. As I fired about 30 shots of the plaza and the towers the sun sank behind the horizon and the colours began to explode from the sky and the surrounding buildings. ¬†Among many people, the Arequipa Cathedral, and the plaza itself, is said to be the most beautiful in all of South America. ¬†personally, as someone who has seen nearly ever major plaza South America has to offer, I wouldn’t argue too much with that statement.

For the Photo junkies I’ll give you the details of my photos from now on as well: Camera: Rebel T1i D500 Focal length of 27mm ISO: 100 F Number: 5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/200 RAW

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