flowers, medellin, colombia

This is called an OutOfFocus Flower… I can’t help it… it was windy

Flowers in Medellin: The City of Eternal Spring


In the northern part of South America there are about a dozen different cities that all claim to be the city of eternal spring.  However, of all the cities I have visited in the area no one city carries the name as rightly as Medellin, Colombia.  Due to the city’s elevation at around 1,500m above sea level and the fact that the city sits just above the equator the climate always rings of a feeling of spring.  The air in the city is humid, the weather warm, and I’m pretty sure if you punched a standard sized nail into the ground here you would pull it from the ground as a railroad spike in just a week’s time.  Flowers in Medellin mean more than something pretty to look at they mean a moment to celebrate as is seen each year during its festival of flowers.

I spent the afternoon wandering the Jardin Botanico here in Medellin the other day.  Although the gardens are generally famous for their orchid, most of them had already had their turn for the year.  However, there was still a lot to be photographed and enjoyed.  This is my photo essay from the Botanical Gardens in Medellin, and although I don’t know their names and simply will refer to them in my own style, doesn’t mean I appreciate them any less.

flowers, medellin, colombia

This is called a Caribbean Flower, I don’t know why… but this is my game so let me call them what I want alright???

flowers, medellin, colombia

I’m not even sure these are flowers, but they were growing from the ground. Let’s call them Flavoured Bean Flowers

flowers, medellin, colombia

This isn’t a flower, but it is prickly if you touch it. Be warned, the desert don’t mess around.

Cactus, flowers, medellin, colombia

This is a worm flower that grows from the famous porcupine stick

These a pre-carved ping-pong paddles

bee, flowers, medellin, colombia

This is a Tasty Flower apparently… why else would a bee be on it?

seeds, flowers, medellin, colombia

I call this flower spike

This flower was hiding… it’s orange

This is a duck… wahoo I got one right.. wait, or is it a mallard?

This isn’t a flower either… this is Iggy

Iggy was giving me some attitude

flowers, medellin, colombia

The fading flowers of Medellin

worm's eye view, flowers, medellin, colombia

A worm’s eye view of some very red flowers

flowers, medellin, colombia

A Hanging Star Flower

flowers, medellin, colombia

A flower battlefield

flowers, medellin, colombia

A Heart leaf carrying a spear for protection from the heartbreaker flowers

flowers, medellin, colombia

Sometimes when shots go out of focus I keep them and call them artistic

flowers, medellin, colombia

And this is what in focus AND artistic is supposed to look like… I think

pineapple, medellin, colombia

I know this one too! It’s a mutant pineapple

orchids, flowers, medellin, colombia

Finally some orchids for those who have been patient…  I am 63% sure this is an orchid

orchids, flowers, medellin, colombia

Hope you enjoyed the flowers as much as I enjoyed photographing them… even if I don’t know what the heck they were called


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