No matter how many lists you write, rewrite and check off as you put the items into you bag, when you travel there will inevitably something you forget to bring. These oversights do not however signal the end of the world as you think they will when packing, but are often things you can pick up en route or live without. There are a few bits and bobs that may prove invaluable on your travels though so pop them on your list, pack your bags, then go online to book a room at the Travelodge Gatwick airport hotel the night before your flight.


A Good Book

Whether it’s to help you get to sleep or to keep you occupied during a flight or whilst waiting at an airport there is nothing that beats a good book to keep you company when travelling. Go old fashioned and take a paper copy, or take a kindle or ereader giving you access to thousands of books at your fingertips wherever you go.

Travel Adapters

Find out in advance what the plug sockets are in the country you are visiting and make sure to purchase the right one to take with you. If you are visiting multiple countries in one trip there are multi-adapters that change into most forms for fitting in various locations. Adaptors are widely available in shops and online. You can even pick one up at the airport before you fly.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide

If you are visiting a country for the first time, or want to discover some new places in an old favourite then invest in a Lonely Planet Travel Guide to take away with you. These little guides to the world are packed full of ideas for your trip, from the most popular tourist attractions to the hidden local gems of the road less travelled. Don’t miss sights and tips on places to eat and stay on your journey are all in this essential travel book.

A Travel Pillow

When flying or travelling by coach, train or bus in your destination country you will probably want to get some kip. Your days will be jam-packed and the best chance of downtime you’ll get is in these travel times. Pick up an inflatable travel pillow to put at the bottom of your bag for when you find yourself needing to snooze and make the whole experience much more comfortable. There are various sizes and styles of these, so find one that packs small and is comfortable.

A Mini Torch

Most people have got used to using a phone as a torch or not having to worry about having one at all. When travelling you may find yourself in areas with bad lighting or in a power cut, or simply when travelling by night. Torches can be wind-up or battery powered and some are as small as a credit card but still give off a fair amount of light. There are many instances you’ll be glad you took up a few inches of your bag with a mini torch.

Travelling is a great adventure and too much planning can actually dull this fact. By remembering the above items however you can rest assured, aside from enough pairs of pants, your travel documents and some money, you can get by. So head to Gatwick and start the journey of a lifetime, well prepared.

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