Forgotten Acapulco

The Virgin of Acapulco

The Virgin of Acapulco

To the North American market the word Mexico is almost synonymous with beach. Although the country is full of great cities rich in history and inland natural landscapes the first destinations that come to mind in thinking of Mexico are beaches. Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are common beach destinations in Mexico. But even within the common list of beach locales there are some that are forgotten. I spent a week in Acapulco completely amused, content, and surprised by the lack of foreigners.

Acapulco was at one point one to biggest features of most people’s┬áMexico holidays. However, over the years the emergence of locations such as Cancun have put Acapulco somewhat in the back of the thoughts of tourists visiting the country. However, if you travel to Mexico, this Pacific Coast town is definitely worth a stop.

Alcapulco Rocks

Alcapulco Rocks

You won’t need to travel far to get to the beach. Across the main street from the tall hotels and apartments a long beach stretches along the water where kids play soccer and play in the rolling waves. One can not escape the Mexican flavour even if they wanted to, as vendors wander the beaches selling everything from necklaces to cotton candy.

Another great thing to do in Acapulco is to head out for a boat trip along the harbour. The tour generally includes a cruise out to a statue of the Virgin as well a viewing of some locals cliff divers jumping from the tall rocks that form the walls of the ocean. The views themselves are worth the trip and it makes a very pleasant afternoon.

When the sun goes down the entertainment in Acapulco really begins to kick off. People line up along the street to watch in laughter as bungee jumpers scream during their dive towards a huge beach side pool. Along the water there are a number of places to indulge in the nightlife as well, and for a very good price. Most of the bars offer barra libre (open bars) which, for the small price of cover, offer all you can drink tequilla, rum or beer. Just what most need to settle their nerves after the bungee jump.

Acapulco has somehow found it’s way off of the list of things to do in Mexico since its days as a hangout of movie stars and athletes like it was in the 1990s. However, if you’re looking for a break from the rush of Mexico City, or simply trying to enjoy a beach not covered in spring breaking party animals, Acapulco could be a welcome destination.

Author: Brendan van Son

Author: I am a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. Over my years as a travel photographer, I have visited 6 of the 7 continents and more countries than I have any desire to count. If you want to improve your skills, be sure to check out my travel photography channel on Youtube . Also, check out my profile on . to learn a little bit more about me and my work.

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  1. I was in Acapulco about ten years ago and loved it! Besides the beautiful beaches, my favorite part was seeing the cliff divers. I don’t think I’ll go back anytime soon though, due to all of the violence there (e.g. the beheading of a dozen people in 2010.) I really hope Mexico can clean itself up soon so tourism can return. It’s a shame that the drug cartel has been able to hurt the economy there so much.

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  2. I haven’t made it out to Acapulco yet but it’s on my list. I’d love to check out the cliff divers. Sounds like a great time!

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    • You’ve got to try the cliff jumping too! ­čÖé

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  3. ah! that’s crazy! haha Looks like fun though.
    My mom is Mexico right now.. I just hope that she didn’t spend all her time at the beach!!

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