A little while ago I was asked to test out an App for iPhone and Android called Fripito.  The app allows professional and hobbyist photographers to create very clever photography guides for certain destinations.  For example, if I am an expert on photography in a location like Iceland, I can create a guide using my geo-tagged images as an example for locations where I shot the images.  Moreover, I can also include information within the photos to include information like how to get to the location, and what time of day it photographs best.  Of course, the exif is also included.

Check out my first look and review at the app below.

Cost of Fripito?

Fripito is a free app to download.  However, most of the guides do cost money.  For example, a guide to Iceland might include 50 images and locations and will cost you between $3-5 to download.  That said, creators can make their guides available for free.  All guides have a preview available so that you can see some of the information and locations that are offered in the guide.  It gives you a better idea of what you’re going to be getting out of the guide.  For me, it’s pretty good value for such fantastic information.

Of course, once you buy and use a guide you can review it.  As such, reviewed guides help future photographers decide if it’s worth downloading or not.  The guides, and photographers who make the guides, are curated and smartly selected by the Fripito team.  So, it’s not like there’s an overload of guides either.

Benefits of Fripito to Photographers?

For photographers, the benefits are pretty obvious.  The app gives photographers another tool in the important task that is location scouting.  It’s especially beneficial for those hobbyist photographers who really don’t have a whole lot of time in a location and want to get the most out of it.  It will save people a whole lot of time that they might have otherwise spent researching locations and allow you to create a photography plan for your specific destination.


Benefits to Fripito to Creators?

As a travel photographer, I’m always looking for new ways to expand my income.  Thus, the idea of putting together a guide for a location and making a bit of a profit from it doesn’t hurt.  I have just joined Fripito, so I can’t yet say what the income potential is, but I will update in the future months with that information.  As a new-ish app, I imagine that the income potential is still on the small-side.  However, as the app grows I can see there being some profit there for guide creators.

Get Fripito

Of course, you can download Fripito for both Android and iPhone, so go and get it.  And, once you use it a bit, don’t forget to come back here and tell me how you felt about it.

What’s Next on the Travel Photography Blog?

I’ve got a bunch of content from The Galapagos Islands coming up this month.  Then, I’ll be in Cuba! Believe me, there’s some fun content coming up!

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