Future Travel Plans: Europe Part 2

Well, the art of progressive blog articles is slowly eluding me!  I’ve been racing around the beautiful province of Alberta so much lately that I’ve begun to lose travel of things.  For those of you who follow this travel blog pretty closely, you’ll know I generally like to keep things in order.  However, I also tend to get a couple months behind on my actual location since I travel around so quickly.  And well the articles will be from Canada still for the next couple weeks, I am heading back to Europe for a bit. Oh and there’s a big secret!  One that will be revealed once I get to Amsterdam!



What’s the Plan?

Well, as is always the case with Europe and I, things are basically all planned out.  When I travel to less visited places, I can just turn up and do my thing.  However, it seems that things book up so quickly in Europe that I have to plan.  Moreover, since Europe is more expensive, it’s even more important for me to be keeping up on the cheap holiday deals in the area.   Also, like my last trip to Europe, I’m not going to be getting too far off the beaten path.  Someday I’ll have the time and money to explore the smaller destinations on the continent, but for now, I’m basically just using it to get through to Turkey and beyond.

Where am I going?

  • Ireland: My first stop is a familiar one, and it will be the only place I’ve been before.  I’m flying into Dublin then I’ll visit Cork for a couple days before attending TBEX, and running my photography workshop!
  • Amsterdam: My dad’s family is Dutch as you might have guessed by my last name, yet I’ve never been.  I have a big surprise waiting for me in Amsterdam, and I’ll be staying there for 5 days!  Look out cliches, I’m going to do them all in Amsterdam.
  • Lucerne: I loved Switzerland the first time I was there, so when I found a cheap flight to Switzerland I took up that deal.  I’ve never been to Lucerne, but from what I hear it’s beautiful.
  • Berlin: I’ll be honest in telling you I haven’t had an urge to see Berlin.  However, anyone and everyone who goes raves about it, so I figure it’s time for me to see it for myself.
  • Prague: Along with Dubrovnik, this is one of the classic cities in Europe I’ve always wanted to see.  Winter or late fall will likely be in full effect when I get there, which should be cool.
  • Vienna: I know nothing about Vienna except they have Schnitzel.  I like Schnitzel.
  • Bratislava: Again, I know very little about Bratislava which actually has me really excited!  I’ve always loved the name, I could say it all day.  Bratislava, Bratislava, Bratislava… ok, I’ll stop.
  • Budapest: I studied Budapest a bit in school, and have always wanted to visit it.  Moreover, as a photographer, every time I see a photo from this city I want to shoot it myself.
  • Zagreb: I’ll be using Zagreb more as a stop to break up my trip to the coast of Croatia, but I’ll stop and explore for a couple days too.
  • Split: Well Dubrovnik is the most popular spot in Croatia, Split is gaining steam.  I’ve heard it’s a bit of a party town, and I don’t mind a good liver wedgie every now and then.
  • Dubrovnik: This has always been to holy grail of the trip.  I honestly considered stopping and making it home for a while.  However, I’m scared of winter.  I’m not sure what happens after Croatia yet, but I’m sure you will all find out soon enough!

How to Follow

As usual, I’ll be plugging photos and updates into my social media outlets.  Whether it’s twitter, instagram, or facebook, even if you don’t follow me, you can follow the hashtag #Eurofied.

See you Soon!