Video: Gabon and a Typical Week in Central Africa

Life in Central Africa can be pretty up and down.  It’s such an amazing place, and countries like Gabon really show that natural wonder so many people search for in an African adventure.  But at the same time, this place can be so frustrating.  This week in Gabon, captured on video, is such a perfect example of a typical week of travel in Gabon.  One minute you are singing and screaming out your joys, the next moment your trying to find shape, picking flies from your ears, and screaming out in frustration.  When I headed to Lope National Park in Gabon, I wasn’t exactly happen with the way things transpired.  But the most frustrating thing about it all is how much potential there is and how badly it is misused.  I’m not planning another trip to Gabon anytime soon, and it’s not because of the animals or the landscapes or the nature, but because I was treated so poorly by the people when I was there.  It’s perhaps the only country in Africa where I felt that way.