If you’re living in the dreary winter of England there is a really good chance that you are dreaming of a nice bit of a getaway.  However, in this rough bit of economy there’s also a good chance that you don’t have time to get away and you may not have the resources either.  Thus, I’d like to suggest a couple nice easy getaways from England that are both fairly affordable as well as do-able on just a weekend.


There are constant flights leaving just about every UK airport direct for Lisbon, Portugal.  For me, there’s no better place to get away on the weekend.  Sure, it may not be as exotic as many of the other choices, it makes for a simple getaway and Portugal is very affordable at the moment.  The best part too is that even though it’s a mere hop away you’re likely to find the weather to be much more accommodating. Between the good food and wine, the incredible atmosphere, and the nights you’ll surely get the most of out a quick jaunt to Lisbon.

Escape London


I know, it seems like everyone and their dog goes to Tenerife for weekend getaways, but there’s a reason for that.  It’s an affordable locale, it’s not too far off and most of all its warm.  There are plenty of good ways to find a well priced Tenerife flight online or through an agent.  Personally, I’d give a site called Cheapflights a shot.  You’re not going to break your bank getting there regardless as these Spanish islands are very well connected to England.  The truth is that you’re only a few hours away from the cold and clouds of England.  No matter how far the sun may seem away on Friday morning, by the afternoon you could be sun baking by the pool.


It’s amazing how a quick flight can bring you to a world so incredibly different from the one you left.  A short 3 hour flight from London and you’ll find yourself among the souks and snake charmers of Marrakesh.  While sitting out in the square you’ll be greeted by brilliant food, interesting culture and a rush of energy that you just can’t find in England during the winter.  It’s a dazzling place, and you’ll have a hard time not to feel inspired by the world around you while passing through the narrow streets of this ancient city.

Escape London


Not every destination has to be warm.  With Prague you’re not going to get the beaches, and you might not even get the sun, but there are few places in the world that are more charming than the city of Prague in the winter time.  With snow on the ground and icicles strung from the old architecutre it’s easy to feel a little bit romantic in this great city.  Like the other destinations, flights are quite cheap as is the locale itself making it a perfect place for a weekend away that doesn’t do anything to break your wallet.

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