Since I’m constantly travelling, the traditional gift ideas don’t exactly work for me.  My parents find themselves in a constant state of annoyance that they can’t just buy me a pair of socks for Christmas.  Since I’m constantly travelling, there is nothing that I really need, and a lot of the things that I may want I can’t have because I can’t pack things around with me.  Thus, I’ve formulated a list of gift ideas for digital travellers.

Gift Cards for Food

Ok, so this one doesn’t work very well if you’re travelling around somewhere like west Africa which isn’t exactly know for being a part of the digital age.  However, if one is travelling around Europe or North America, something like a Starbucks gift card is perfect.  Not only will you be feeding us, but you’ll also be giving us an office for a couple of hours as we will surely scoop the WiFi and work until they kick us out.

Ok, so you might not be able to get a Moroccan tagine with a gift card, but you could get MacDonald’s

Audio Books

Travellers have a tonne of free time.  From bus rides to days out on the beach, we have a lot of relaxation time to kill.  And while we can’t be packing around a library of books in our backpacks, it’s definitely possible to carry an entire library of digital audio books on our smart phones.  All the great reading without the work to do so, it’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

Travel Vouchers

There’s a good chance we’ll be travelling in the near future so why not sponsor our addiction?  A great hookup is a travel voucher.  These can come in the form of flights from one of the airline alliances or even hotel vouchers for one of the large hotel chains.  Also, many of the hostel chains, and hostel booking companies, allow you to buy vouchers or credit which would allow you to hookup your backpacking loved ones with the type of accommodation they know and love.

iTunes Gift Cards

Nothing more exciting for a backpacker than a little bit of cash to spend on some fun new apps for their smart phone.  The beauty of this is that even a $20 gift card will give your travelling loved one apple artillery to purchase a number of great apps.  Travellers will love budget apps like Trail Wallet, photographers can definitely use something like snapseed, and everyone loves a good game to keep them entertained on long bus rides or wild train rides.  Personally, I doubt there’s a better gift to get than that of a smart phone app or 10.

gifts cash

If there’s a better gift than cash, haven’t seen it yet.


Yeah, I said it.  There’s absolutely nothing more valuable to a traveller than some cash in their pocket.  Sure, it might seem inpersonal but there is nothing more appreciated than cash, I promise you that.  The beauty of this digital age too is that we don’t need to send a wad of cash in an envelop in the post and hope it arrives, there are so many ways to send “digital money”.  From interac transfers to paypal and moneybookers, cash has never been more mobile than it is today.

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