If you’re on a bit bigger budget than I usually travel, there’s a chance you might be keen on getting a little bit crazy with your travel plans in regards to your upcoming ski season.  Isn’t it everyone’s dream to ski the Alps, or spend time at some exotic ski resort for a week?  Can’t you just imagine yourself sitting in the warmth of a hot tub surrounded by snow, or tucked away beside the fireplace with an imposing mountain out the window.  Regardless of whether you’re looking for family-friendly ski resorts or more extreme slopes, there are some great options this winter. If you’re a skier or snowboarder, these are some great international ski destinations that you should be checking out in 2014.

Bern, Switzerland

Kicking Horse, Golden, Canada

In comparison to some of the massive mountain resorts in Canada like Lake Louise and Whistler, Kicking Horse, in the town of Golden, British Columbia is much more subdued.  But don’t take that as meaning that it’s less of a thrill to ski or any less worth riding.  This hill is quieter for the one-and-only reason that it’s a fair distance from any major airport.  The hill is incredible, the snow is some of the best in North America, and there are some incredibly long runs as well.  There is something for everyone at this resort.

Los Lenas, Argentina

Steep terrain and the possibility of some seriously wild runs are what made Los Lenas, in Patagonia, one of the most sought after destinations for adventure ski and snowboarders.  Though this resort does have runs suited for more beginner skiers too, the true calling card is the really steep hills on wild mountains.  Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to get in the backcountry as well.  If you’re on summer vacations in North America and you’re dying to get the skis under you again, get down to this resort and take advantage of the southern hemisphere’s winter.

Adelboden-Lenk, Switzerland

Though Adelboden-Lenk can be expensive for travellers, especially those who need to rent equipment, it really is something special.  It is the ski destination you imagine when you think of the Swiss Alps.  High peaks, long gondola rides, mountain top chalets and plenty of brilliant skiers.  And though there really is a slope for all skills here, don’t be surprised if you start to feel inadequate in your skills as basically everyone at this resort is a local, and nearly everyone will blow you away with their skills.

Valle Nevado, Chile

Like the Argentine slop mentioned earlier, this is a great place to go if you’re a ski bum stuck in a North American summer.  Unlike its Argentine counterpart, this slope is much more of a resort.  There is a massive hotel here and lots of runs for beginners.  There are also plenty more difficult runs to keep the pros happy, but expect much more of a family adventure here.

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