Guess where I’m going???

Guess where I’m going???

I said guess… there’s no more to this post than that… just guess.

Ok, so there is more to this post than that, I wouldn’t dare leave you guys hanging like that, I value my life to much for that.  The big news, that already has been leaked to some of you, is that I am going to Antarctica!!!!!!


Antarctic Explorer Discovering the Peninsula
Antarctic Explorer Discovering the Peninsula

I have always said that I will make my way to all the continents of the world, and after this journey I will be just a trip “down unda” away from making that a reality.  As you can imagine I am stoked about this, and still feel like it’s all too good to be true, but sometimes things just manage to come together for us!

Who am I going with???

I will be departing the southern most city of the world, Ushuaia on the 2nd of January, and I am going with the amazing people at Peregrine Adventures.

Who are Peregrine Adventures???

Peregrine Adventures
Peregrine Adventures

Peregrine adventures is not just another one of the thousands of tour operators out there.  They work under the heading of responsible tourism, and that is something that they do very pridefully.   Here’s a little blurb from their site:

“We take responsible tourism very seriously, and always aim to be the industry leader in our work and initiatives. On all our trips, we work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We work with our customers and the people we visit to ensure economic benefits go directly to communities, and to contribute to local cultural and environmental conservation. This is good for the communities we visit and also gives our travellers more enriched adventures – a home-stay in a tribal village, for example, or using small family-run accommodation is beneficial to communities, but it’s also great for travellers who want to really experience the true feeling of the place they’re visiting. Environmental sensitivity is important to us.”

If you haven’t heard of Peregrine Adventures you definitely should check them out.

My Itinerary???

Antarctica Penguins
Antarctica Penguins - from Ali at

Basically, the tour that I will be on is a 12 day / 10 night tour that travels from Ushuaia across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula via the South Shetland Islands.  For more information on my itinerary check out this page.

Jealous Yet?

As you can imagine with a trip of such epic proportions there will be a lot of articles, and photos churning out in the process.  I would like to stress something important here, however.  Please don’t be jealous!  I’m really looking forward to sharing this adventure with all of you, just as I do with all my others.  So even though you’re not along with me for the ride maybe you’ll feel like your on the adventure as well through my words and my photos.