Video of the Week: Ugh, Guinea-Bissau wins… I have Malaria

I just realized today that I haven’t gotten a video of the week up in the past little while. Lucky for me, today I really don’t feel like doing anything, and editing all the articles I have written just doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun.

Speaking of things that weren’t fun, I give you malaria. In looking back on this video, I can help but be a little bit proud of myself for putting on a brave face while shooting. For the past 3-5 days I had felt horrible, borderline depressed. I had headaches, muscle pain, bone aches, chills, dizziness, no appetite and little energy. However, I had been making excuses for everything that was happening. Behind the camera I try to fight through the sickness I had been feeling, but I’ll tell you that off camera I was a mess. And the truth is that in hindsight I probably should do a better job of getting the tough things on film too.

The truth is that I’m a very proud and stubborn person. As such, I rarely want to show my weaknesses and pains. Hell, I didn’t even want to admit I was sick!

Anyways, here’s the video of the day I finally got treatment. It doesn’t show on this episode, but the following day I head to Bissau, get some blood tests done and sure enough I have malaria. Thankfully, I have the weakest stream of it.