Photo of the Week: Hanging Tree

In photography it is very easy to focus on the waterfall, or the mountain, or whatever the main subject of your vision may be.  However, quite often the most unique photos, are sitting just around the corner or behind your back as you are shooting the main subject.  This was the case in photographing this subject.  In Torres del Paine National Park I hiked up to a popular waterfall.  About 20-30 people circled around the turquoise  flowing waterfall and jostled for better position.  As they did I scanned the area for something else to photograph as I waited patiently for my turn.  I looked downward into the roaring valley to find a photographic gem: a lonely tree awkwardly clinging to ledge above the rapidly flowing river.  Take this photo as a reminder the next time your photography to lose your tunnel vision and search for different angles and subjects all together.