Nobody just goes on vacation anymore; everything has a theme to it, and we are inundated with advertisements on which type of trip is best for us. This is no mystery, since we live in the age of constant documentation about every last detail of our lives.

Out of this exhausting phenomenon, a really great thing has been cultivated: spot on travel suggestions. As a budding yogi and holistic health enthusiast, I recently took what I’m calling my Zen vacation, prompted by suggestions using information gleaned from the aforementioned sources. One of the best places to connect with the earth, inhale intoxicatingly floral-infused air and clear my mind? Hawaii.

Accordingly, I started my journey at the Lotus Honolulu, just to ensure my trip was off to the right start, but I would wager a safe bet in saying there are dozens of Waikiki hotels that can get your chakras in line and your mind at ease. Once there, I assumed my own lotus position and meditated on how best to experience Zen Hawaii.

Photo by Flickr Member Grantzprice

The Best Yoga

On the beach, cliffs, edges of a crater or under a waterfall – I love yoga anywhere in Hawaii, but for premier instruction and a welcoming environment, I find the best studio, hands-down, is Honolulu’s Yoga Hawaii. They teach a variety of styles, from Ashtanga to Vinyasa and employ some of the most sought-after instructors in Hawaii. Additionally, they offer many whole-living workshops such as classes on how to use essential oils, the best foods to use in conjunction with the most efficient yoga poses for optimal cleansing and health, and several introductory sessions for beginners.

The Best Massage

Massage is sometimes like pizza: the best is unbelievable, and even the worst is still pretty good. But why settle for pretty good when you can have the mind-blowing experience of Kailua’s Aloha Healing Massage and Acupuncture? Housed in a modest brown building, the understated, no-frills office stands behind its excellent services rather than an expensive, gussied up façade. Incredible deals and an expert staff has made this place a favorite for a large group of devoted followers, myself included.

The Best Healthy Food/Locally Grown Food

I’ve always had to tame down my inner hippie in order to fit in with modern society. When I go to Bong Brothers Coffee Company, I feel right at home. Located in the heart of Kona coffee country, Bong Brothers is an homage to the days of communal-style, agriculturally-centered living. The store features freshly roasted coffee and exotic vegetarian dishes, and is in a 1929 building designated as a historical landmark. How is this Zen? It’s local, organic and represents the circle of work and life through its goods. Om.

Photo by Flickr Member exfordy

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