This was one of the first chain hostels I stayed at in Europe.  As expected there were good things and bad things that came along with the fact that this was a chain.  In general, I tend to avoid the brand hostels as best I can.  In Europe, they are famous for bringing in massive groups, often of very young kids, for overcharging and for simply being really big.    The positive is that you always know what you’re going to get with them.  They are like the MacDonald’s of hostels; no surprises.  The Hatter in Manchester definitely wasn’t horrible and my grievances are quite minor.  In general, I had a nice stay and would definitely recommend this place to others staying in Manchester.

The Rooms

The dorm rooms where fine.  They were clean and scrubbed down by the staff every single day.  They had a couple power outlets as well which is always nice.  I do wish, however, that more hostels gave a power outlet for each bed.  My only problem with the rooms is the same one I’ve had basically everywhere in the UK: there are no lockers.  I want to know my stuff is safe when I go out.  There is plenty of room in the dorms for lockers, please start providing them.

Score: 75

The Facilities

There is basically everything you’ll ever need at the hatters.  You have a lot of good common spaces and a nice kitchen.  The problem is that they have failed massively on the “little things” that make a hostel great.  I found it quite annoying that I had to climb up or down a set of stairs just to go to the bathroom or take a shower.  Also, there is a lift, but no one uses it but staff.  There is surely a reason why the lift isn’t used, but with about 5 stories of rooms I’m sure people hauling their backpacks would appreciate it being in service.  My biggest grievance with the hostel is that you have to pay for the wifi.  I hate the fact that they skim from travellers like this.  They must be making a massive profit from it as everyone comes in and has to immediately pay for the wifi.

Score: 60

The Location

I don’t think that you’d ever wish to be in a better location.  You’re off the main street so it’s not too busy, but yet you’re only a couple blocks from the action.  It’s not like anything in Manchester is really too far away, but the hostel is very well connected.  You will likely never have to take the bus as you can walk to anywhere from the hostel.

Score: 100

The Staff

Like most of the hostels in the world, the staff is friendly and helpful.  I definitely have no complaints about them at all.  They organize pub crawls, and will help you find anything you’re looking for in town.

Score: 100

Final Score: 83.5

More Info?

If you want more info on the hostel, or if you’d like to book in at the hostel, you can follow this link to their page.

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