The amazing thing about hostels is that despite the fact that it is generally the same “class” of people that frequent them, they can all be so different. Some hostels are party-zones and others are calm environments that are much more like a guesthouse, Kipps Hostel in Canterbury, England is certainly the later. I spent two nights at Kipps and found it to be exactly what I needed. I was a little bit worn out from all the big cities, and the cozy environment found at Kipps was very welcome after the rat race of London. That being said, calm and quiet come with some downsides as the location of Kipps is not that great at all. But more on that later.

The Rooms

 The rooms were more than adequate. There were good warm showers and they were kept clean. If I had one complaint about them it is that the bunk beds were a little bit on the small side. I am only 6 feet tall and there is no way I could sit up in the bottom bunk.

Score: 80

The Facilities

Nothing to complain about here (to my chagrin), the facilities were all really good. There was highspeed wifi internet that worked without fail, a nice TV/Computer room with a lot of movies, a kitchen that was easy to navigate and a patio to relax on. Moreover, there was the opportunity for people to make you some food if you weren’t wanting to leave the residence. The only small issue is that there was no real luggage room. I arrived before check-in and was told I could just leave my bag in the common room. That means I either have to stay with it, or trust that no one will go through it if I wanted to leave. That being said, the hostel is such a safe environment that it would be highly unlikely anything happen.

Score: 90

The Location

There is good and bad to the location. If you’re looking for peace and quiet than the place is great, you wont hear a peep of traffic or honking horns at night. However, to get to the hostel from downtown it’s a bit of a hike up the hill, maybe about 20 minutes or so. Moreover, there are no good restaurants in the neighbourhood so you’ll have to make the hike into town every time you want to eat. Personally, I felt the location to be a bit of nuisance, but for some people it might be a benefit.

Score: 60

Atmosphere and Fun

As I mentioned in the intro, this is a quiet hostel. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. However, I think that for it to be really fun that you’d need a good group of people in the hostel. Otherwise, the atmosphere is really good. Since Canterbury isn’t really a party town, I will score this more on an atmosphere basis.

Score: 85

The Staff

The staff was friendly and very helpful. If I ever had any questions about anything they were more than willing to give me a hand and point me in the right direction. If I had one complaint (and I almost always do), it’s that they were a little bit hard to find sometimes. In fact, when I arrived at the hostel I waited about 15 minutes at the door before a guest finally let me in. That’s a bit annoying. However, I won’t hold it against them too much as it could have been a one time issue.

Score: 90

Overall Impressions

Other than the location, there isn’t really anything negative to say about this hostel.  I really enjoyed my time here and was glad to be able to relax a bit after the craziness of the rest of England.

Overall Score: 81

More Info:

For more info on the hostel, or if you’re ready to book, check out their page on by clicking here.

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