When it comes to hostels, I’m pretty sure that Portugal takes the cake. Each of the hostels I stayed at in Portugal were very good. The hostel in Porto might not have been as top-notch as the hostel I stayed at in Lisbon, but it was still among the best I stayed at while in Europe. The hostel has a movie theme which makes for a really fun atmosphere, and the location is prime. Regardless, I’ll go through my usual analysis.


I was in a dorm for my stay in Porto. The rooms have an interesting feel to them. Each room is assigned a movie. For example, I was in the Sin City room so everything was decorated accordingly. It’s a cool concept, and it’s nice to see a hostel willing to go to the effort of making the hostel more than just a place to crash, but an experience as well. In terms of the room more generally, I thought it was a bit cramped with not a whole lot of space for big bags. There were, however, lockers and the beds were comfortable and squeak-free.
Score: 85


The hostel facilities were above average for sure. They had a really nice kitchen, a comfortable common area, and a huge movie selection. There is free WiFi, but it really only worked down in the common area. I had no problem using the WiFi down there, but it would have been nice to get it in the room as well, especially with so many people now relying on smartphone wifi while travelling.

Score: 90


The staff here was very good. They were as helpful as they come and always waiting with big smiles. They were also good at letting you know what activities were available and what was going on in town. No complaints at all, very good people here at the hostel!

Score: 100

Fun and Atmosphere

In regards to atmosphere, it gets top scores. The movie theme is very cool and makes the hostel itself almost seem like a bit of museum. I really loved the vibe. In regards to fun, well there wasn’t a whole lot going on. I was there mid-week and the hostel was pretty slow, so I’m not sure if things pick up on the weekend, but if you’re looking for a party hostel, this probably isn’t it. Still, the atmosphere in itself makes this place one of my favourites in Europe.

Score: 90


The hostel location is great. It finds itself sandwiched right between everything. You’re about a 10 minute walk down to the river and the beautiful bridge, you’re 20 paces from the main square, and you’re surrounded by restaurants. Not sure there could be a better location for a hostel in Porto.

Score: 100


Yeah, another ringer of a hostel in Portugal! I have to say, Portugal really blew me away. It has beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes, and some very friendly people. The hostels I stayed at were all great, including this one. It’s amazing how a hostel can so directly impact your feelings about a destination. I’ll remember Portugal for the sights, but I’ll also never forget the hostels.

Overall Score: 93

For more on the hostel please check their page out on hostelbookers.com: http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/portugal/porto/38614/

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