If you believe that first impressions are important, than you’ll be a massive fan of the Cape Sun Hotel by Tsango, in downtown Cape Town.  The hotel’s mammoth lobby is featured by a classy modern look dripping with character.  A dark bar carries a provocative glow while being backed by the trickle of a waterfalls behind the bottles of champagne and scotch.  Around tables in the lobby sit men in suits and women in evening dresses prepped for a dinner party.  And the staff is always on standby to wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening.

The rooms are definitely set for the executive crowd.  Unlike the Mount Nelson, you won’t find massive rooms you can find yourself lost in.  Rather, the Cape Sun offers more standard rooms with all the amenities you’d expect from a great hotel.  It’s the view, though, that sets the Cape Sun apart from all other hotels in Cape Town.  With a view like this, I’d gladly sleep on a slab of cardboard box.

cape sun view

Being one of the highest buildings in Cape Town, there is no obstruction to the view, and there is nothing quite like waking up to the red colour of Table Mountain baking in the morning sun.

It’s not a slight to tell you that you’re favourite part of the hotel, though, may be the elevator.  The glass lift hangs out of the building and faces out to either the seafront or Table Mountain.  The views are outstanding either way.  Downwards, you’ll look upon the miniature world of pedestrian Cape Town.  One can’t help but feel like a child with each ride in the Cape Sun elevator.

The location too, is perfect.  Right in the heart of downtown, the Cape Sun is a quick jaunt to just about any of Cape Town’s many attractions.  Be it the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain, Long Street, the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood, or the museums, they are all with a hop and a skip.

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

The neighbourhood of Bo-Kaap

I’d be lying, however, if I were to tell you that all was perfect.  During my stay I had some cash go missing from my room.  With that being said, the staff of the hotel was completely professional in how it was handled and it was taken care of from within and I was reimbursed my lost money.  Things like that can happen at any hotel, it’s how the property responds to it that is important, and the Cape Sun handled it perfectly.

Of the 3 properties I stayed at in Cape Town, should I be offered the opportunity to stay again I would chose this hotel.  For me, I couldn’t turn down a view like that for anything.  Moreover, the central location makes it the most convenient place in town as it’s basically within a 15 minute walk to anywhere you want to be.

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