How Hotels are Given their Stars

I was passed this along the other day and thought that you guys would find it interesting. The places I generally stay at don’t even come close to a star. The funny thing to me though, if you’ve travelled the developing world to some extent is that these standards are definitely not followed. For example, in Bolivia and Peru nearly all the hotels denote a star rating of their own outside. However, I’m pretty sure most of them are self-rewarded. I once stayed in a hotel in the jungle of Ecuador that had rated itself as a 2 and a half stars but the room was covered in cockroaches and the toilet was directly below the shower. The beauty, I suppose, was that you really could take care of two major morning activities at once.

Anyways, thought you might enjoy this:

How the Hotel Stars Ratings works –
How the Hotel Stars Ratings works by

Author: Brendan van Son

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  1. This is really interesting. I am a traveler myself and I have to agree that in developing countries, most stars are self-proclaimed. That was a nasty experience you’ve had in Ecuador but I appreciate how you are so candid about it. I had a good laugh on your two major morning activities at once!

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