How Much Does a Eurail Pass Save You?

As you may know, Eurail has been one of my sponsors throughout my now completed Europe trip. I’ll be honest in telling you that in the past I had been a little bit sceptical about rail passes in Europe and how much one can actually save. Thus, having this pass finally gave me the chance to work out how one can use the Eurail, and how much one can actually save.

I will say, I definitely got value out of my pass by doing some fairly long journeys. However, if I really wanted to, I’m sure I could have extended my distances much more and the savings gathered would have been even greater.

After calculating, I’m actually pretty amazed by how much was saved with the Eurail. I calculated the price of the ticket as the price a week before purchase which I assumed would be the average time one would buy their train tickets without a pass.

First Class on a train in Switzerland

My Pass

I had a 2 month 10 day global pass, which allowed me to travel by train in any country in Europe (well 23 of them are included) over a 2 month period with a possible 10 days of use.  Basically, within a 2 month period I had 10 days I could travel anywhere in Europe on the train.  It doesn’t matter if that trip is short or long, you have 10 days of use.

If you’re interested in knowing how the Eurail ticket works I’ll be explaining it in a future post.

First Class on the train from Milan to Rome

How Much Did I Save?

If I didn’t have a Eurail pass, I would have booked a ticket one week ahead.  Therefore, I took the prices down a week before my trip would have been:

1. Calais to Paris – Without the Eurail =48 Euros
2. Paris to Bern – Without the Eurail = 120 Euros
3. Bern to Rome – Without the Eurail = 169 Euros
4. Rome to Nice – Without the Eurail = 114 Euros
5. Nice to Barcelona – Without the Eurail = 104 Euros
6. Barcelona to Madrid – Without the Eurail = 87 Euros
7. Madrid to Lisbon – Without the Eurail = 67 Euros
8. Lisbon to Porto – Without the Eurail = 35 Euros
9. Lisbon to Seville – Without the Eurail = 130 Euros
10. Seville to Algercias – Without the Eurail = 43 Euros

The Results?

  • The total price of a 2nd Class Global Pass is 422 Euros
  • The total cost of my trip would have cost 917 Euros
  • My total savings were 495 Euros!

The Verdict?

You would have to be clinically insane not to buy a Eurail pass if you were planning on travelling Europe by train.  I mean seriously, the amount of money saved could buy you a second rail pass!  Or, if you’re like me, that 495 Euros will buy you lots of overpriced beers.  If you were looking for the answer to “How Much Does a Eurail Pass Save You?” well, let’s just say that it’s a lot.
Travelling by train in Euro is an amazing way to see the countryside, it’s comfortable, it’s efficient, and there are very few hassles.  After travelling this way for a little over a month, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.  A massive thanks to Eurail for giving me the chance to have this experience.

***Note: Eurail is one of my sponsors, they provided me with a free first class global pass to test their services. They have not influenced the content of my article nor have they demanded that I write on this topic. I am a journalist, and regardless of whether or not they are a sponsor I call it as I see it. After using the Eurail, I can’t imagine travelling Europe without one.  Check out this post on How to Book a Ticket Using a Eurail Pass.