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Indonesia wasn’t my favourite country to travel.  However, it did make for some decent pictures.  Indonesia has so much potential to be a major player in travel.  They have some incredible landscapes, interesting cultural heritage, and loads of island getaways.  However, it is quite ripe with scams and annoyances, not to mention the garbage and corruption issues, that detract from the attractions.  Moreover, there is a propensity in Indonesia to make foreigners pay more for everything.  Don’t expect to pay the same as the locals for bus rides, entrance fees, or taxi trips.  It can be a frustrating place to travel.  But it’s a cool place to photograph.

Check the captions on of the Indonesia pictures for a bit of information on where the photos were shot.

An older woman working in the food stalls in Bali

An older woman working in the food stalls in Bali

Uluwatu, Bali

From the secret surfer beach in Uluwatu, Bali

Tanah Lot

The temple of Tanah Lot, also in South Bali

Indonesia Pictures-5

Tanah Lot

A Hindu ceremony in Tanah Lot


A monkey in Ubud Sacred Money Forest

Ubud, rice terraces

Rice terraces in Ubud, Bali


A man at work in the rice terraces near Ubud

Munduk Falls

Beautiful Munduk Falls

Water temple

The water temple in central Bali

Cemoro Lawang

On Java Island, this is the town of Cemoro Lawang

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo and the Hindu Temple


The lovely city of Yogyakarta


A parade participant in Yogyakarta

Buddhist monk

A Buddhist monk in Borobudur


Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Yogyakarta Gang

The alleys (gangs) of Yogyakarta.

Uluwatu, Bali

This is the view from Uluwatu Temple in Southern Bali

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