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It certainly seems like a good deal at first: sign up for a premium bank account or credit card deal and get benefits like travel insurance thrown into the deal. Don’t be swayed just yet though; it always pays to read the small print so that you can be fully informed while weighing up the pros and cons of the package.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that all travel insurance is alike and that the cheapest available policy must be the right one for you. If you follow that way of thinking you could well find yourself surprised when you’re unable to make a successful claim because your policy doesn’t cover everything you assumed it did.

While bog-standard travel insurance will often do the job for some people, there are situations in which you’ll need something a little more comprehensive. If you’re planning on partaking in adrenaline pumping sports such as skiing, for example, you’d do well to look into a policy that covers you for related injuries. Alternatively, passengers with pre-existing medical conditions may be able to find themselves a better deal by looking into specialist cover.

Some travel insurance providers will also only offer cover to people of certain ages, meaning that holidaymakers over the age of 65, for example, are sometimes out of luck. Older travellers should be especially wary when shopping around for their insurance; while many companies do offer insurance for higher age brackets, some of them severely jack up the premiums as the age of the customer increases. This can be overcome with some careful research, of course.

Whatever your personal situation or the nature of your holiday, be sure to check that any travel insurance being offered with another, unrelated product will tick all the boxes you need it to. There’s no point in jumping at the chance of getting ‘free’ travel insurance if it will ultimately be useless should you need to make a claim.

If you’re unclear as to whether the insurance being offered is suitable for you even after checking the fine print, get in touch with the provider and ask them to talk you through it in language you understand. If they’re unwilling to do that then there’s likely a reason for it and you’re best off walking away from the deal.

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