Going on holiday is meant to be a time for getting away from the stress and strains of everyday life. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan and for some unlucky people holidays can end in disaster. That’s even more likely to happen if you are a full-time traveller who tends to get in all sorts of situations whilst circling the globe.

Years of travelling to different countries, where most of the time you are out of your comfort zone and more likely to suffer some kind of incident, have taught me that having the right type of travel insurance is an essential part of planning any kind of trip; whether it is one taken abroad or in your own country.

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When something goes wrong on your holiday there are many things that will be covered by your insurance which means you can make a claim and not be left out of pocket. I’ve tried to sum up some of the things that can happen to any traveller, regardless of their experience and planning skills:


Depending on where you are going or when, there are any numbers or different reasons that your trip, or certain aspects of it, could be cancelled.

A sudden illness or injury could prevent you travelling while various circumstances outside of your control could mean the whole trip has to be written off or rearranged. Different policies will cover different circumstances so think carefully about the cover you might need before taking out a policy.

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Accidents and injuries

If you suffer an accident while on holiday that results in any kind of injury or illness, or if you are affected by the actions of another party in any way, you may be able to claim for damages.

If you are abroad, medical costs can be significant and even limit the amount of treatment you receive. Special arrangements might need to be made to get you home safely and all of these things can cost considerable sums of money. With the right travel insurance cover you can rest assured that, if the worst did happen, you would receive all the help and assistance you needed and you won’t have to suffer any unnecessary troubles.


Theft when travelling is an unfortunate but sometimes common occurrence. Getting your precious items such as cameras, phones etc covered can give you piece of mind. I was reading a funny story about how a monkey stole sunglasses from a holiday goer when they were in Gibraltar and they had to ring the AA to claim on their travel insurance.

So when you start trying to find out what type of cover you need is easy. Simply contact the AA and get the advice you need to make sure you only pay for a policy that is right for you. No one wants to spend money on something they don’t need but by the same token it is easy to make the mistake of trying to save a few pounds upfront and leave expose, especially from those pesky monkeys!

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