My New Video Project “It’s My Life 365”

“I Have Created a Monster in the Form of a YouTube Show”

I often tell people that Brendan’s Adventures is not a blog.  Sure there are some blog-style articles from time to time (none more obviously than this one), but I’ve always wanted the focus to be on the destination and on the inspiration we can draw from travel, rather than myself.  I didn’t want Brendan’s Adventures to turn into a journal or a diary of my life.  For me, it has been about delivering articles that paint the world with a beautiful brush and draws the positive from the moment.

However, I’ve realized over the past couple of months that the “blog/diary” aspect of documenting things has really been missing in my life.  Sure, I have photos and articles from all over the world; I have basically left a paper trail around the planet.  However, the thing that has been missing from these articles and photos is the daily life.  Every day of my life has some sort of mysterious adventure waiting for me.  And although I might not write about them, it’s things like squeezing into a chicken bus, meeting the people who pick me up while hitchhiking, and even going to the store and struggling with a foreign language that are missing from my documentation of the world.  I often tell people about the shitty days and the epic days I spend on the road, and their response is always “why don’t you write about these”.  I guess the answer has always been that I haven’t felt like explaining the difficulty or joy in the daily life on the road can be captured properly in a written text.  However. capturing these raw moments in the world is really important to me.

Thus, I’ve created “It’s My Life 365”.  Where I will be filming my life ever single day for 365 days in a row (I hope).

What this is, is a quick glance into my daily life via some really raw video footage.  Call it a “vlog” if you’d like, but I hate that word even more than “blog”.  It is really just a video diary from my life on the road.  It’s not going to be really well produced, the sound might at times be rough, but it will certainly be real and that’s the most important thing to me.

I am a very lucky person and have a great adventure nearly every single day, so I figured, why not capture it on film?

The show will not be published on Brendan’s Adventures daily, but I have included a youtube channel player on the top right of the site so you can stop in and check that out for time to time.  Otherwise,  I have listed the places you can stream it below:

Anyways, I really hope that you enjoy the show.  You’re not allowed to make fun of me for making mistakes in vocabulary or wearing the same clothes day-after-day, this isn’t meant to be professional, just a fun little look into my life.

All that being said, the first day of the show is now live. It explains a little bit more about the show and what’s about to go down:

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