Launching Nomad Courier

I am writing you all today to let you know that a new project that I am a part of has just launched this morning.  That’s right, on top of Brendan’s Adventures, which has become very successful, I’ve joined up with some very talented people to put together a new site called Nomad Courier.

How it all got started

About a month ago I was approached by Jenneil Parks from Hello Meet World asking if I’d be a part of this new project.  Being such a great idea I immediately made the decision to jump on board, and I was truly smitten that I was chosen to be a part of this.  We then ran an application process for the remaining positions, I think I can speak for everyone involved in saying that we were a overwhelmed with the talented people who applies.  In the end, the remaining people were fit into the group, and what we are left with is an amazing bunch of writer’s an photographers (honestly, I feel a little bit overwhelmed by the talent level in the group… I have to put in my absolute best just to keep up with their average work).

The Idea

The idea behind Nomad Courier is to bring back the simplicity of the travel writing, photographing, and blogging world.  What we do is submit a picture/postcard each day.  On the back of the card is written, well, basically whatever the writer wants.  Some address their cards to friends and families, while others describe the picture.  You can check out my first post card on the site by visiting:

This is just a fun way of delivering high quality work, and I’m very sure, due to the great people involved in the project, that it will be successful.

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