After the less than pleasant state of some of the hostels I stayed at in Spain, arriving at the hostel formerly known as the Rossio Patio Hostel in Lisbon was like reaching a perfect oasis.  Of all the hostels I stayed at in my 3 months in Europe, this one was the best; hands down.  Lisbon is a great city and the location of the hostel will allow you to enjoy the city without compromise.  Below I go through my usual formalities of the review.


The view from my room

I had a beautiful private room overlooking the entire hostel.  It was like the penthouse of hostel rooms.  I didn’t have my own bathroom, but the showers were just around the corner so it wasn’t a big deal at all.  The bed was comfortable; there also was a desk and a sliding door to open up the room to the hostel.  There was nothing to complain about at all in regard to the room.  I had a look into the dorm rooms as well and they were really good as well.

Score: 95


These guys knocked this out of the park as well.  There was a great kitchen, delicious Portuguese meals offered at night if you wanted, and a good included breakfast.  The WiFi internet worked throughout the building and was quick and reliable.  There was also a big TV space as well as a projector screen to watch movies on, or play music videos on if the mood so struck.  The facilities couldn’t have been much better.

Score: 100


The staff was incredible.  They were helpful, amicable, and they were always around if you needed to ask a question.  Their general positive mood made it quite easy to be in a good mood as well.  Moreover, they were always really good about making sure you knew what sort of entertainment was available for the days to come.  Really great people at Lisbon Destination Hostel!

Score: 100

Fun and Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the hostel itself is perfect.  It’s got a great vibe, and a very open feel to it.  Moreover, there are countless numbers of activities organized by the hostel to get people out into the city.  Between pub crawls and very good tours to places like Sintra, there is always something being put on by the hostel.  The moment you walk through the doors of the hostel I’m sure you’ll feel the great energy it exudes.  Top scores.

Score: 100


Not only is the location of the hostel central, it’s in an amazing building.  The hostel is in the Rossio train station which is actually a really important historical building.  Nothing is really far from the hostel.  You have the main square just outside your door, good restaurants around the corner and exciting nightlife just up the hill.  I can’t imagine a hostel having a better location than this one.  Such an amazing place.

Score: 100


I’m not sure that anything else really needs to be said does it?  I’ve spent the past 3 and a half years of my life staying in hostels and this was easily in the top 3 hostels I’ve stayed at anywhere in the world.  In terms of value, location, and vibe you’ll be hard pressed finding a hostel that’s a whole lot better.

Overall Score: 99

For more information on the hostel, or if you are ready to book with them, check out their page on the website here:

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