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Fancy eating a whole pig? Sunday hangover? Or want a big family knees-up? We take a look at the capital’s range of pubs and restaurants for a roast dinner

You know that lazy Sunday feeling. It’s a little cold outside; the leaves have all but shed themselves from the trees. There’s a bit of a wind. You’re feeling tired and cosy, but extremely hungry. Perhaps it’s your birthday; perhaps you are lazing in a luxurious bed found by one of’s London hotels deals.

Either way, you are comfy and you are relaxed. Maybe you’re going to have a quick walk in the park or along Hampstead Heath, but really, that’s all an excuse for what you hope will come next: a huge, 5-hour eat/mooch/sprawl at a nearby pub where you will have the Sunday roast of Sunday roasts.

Am I painting too tempting a picture here? Maybe. But for those who still enjoy a huge joint of meat on the last day of the weekend, here are a few tips for the best places around the city to cosy in and hunker down.

London England

Great for sharing and long, long afternoons

The Canton Arms

Nestled gently between Oval and Stockwell tubes, this remodeled gastropub has a good reputation amongst its neighbours, but its real flair lies in its huge joints to share on a Sunday. Get a whole lamb to split among your party and it arrives proudly placed on the middle of the table to dig in to. Delightful. It gets busy but you can definitely eke out the time here.

The Carpenter’s Arms

Chilled, friendly and a good place to stop if you’ve been hitting the Brick Lane markets on a Sunday – food here at the this smallish pub on Cheshire Street is unpretentious but wholesome, and it’s a great place to while away the afternoon, slowly accumulating more and more friends and acquaintances before heading off into the dusky Shoreditch evening.

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Great for meat lovers

St John’s

Designed for the offal-fans (they do exist, apparently), St John’s has forged its stellar reputation on making the most of every part of the animal, from kidneys and brains to the usual cuts of meat. The original Clerkenwell restaurant is a haven for meat lovers; otherwise Bread and Wine opposite Spitalfields Market is great for a lighter Sunday experience, and some great drinks.

Great alternatives

Royal China

Impressively filling and tasty dim sum make a brilliant alternative to the stodge of a roast and this Queensway favourite still draws the locals and curious punters alike to its doors. Stop by and make the most of its large menu to pick and share – this is a good place to come with friends. Dim Sum is a Cantonese Sunday tradition – so you’re still ticking all the just-how-it-should-be boxes; if you’re central rather than west you might want to stop by Soho’s Yautacha instead for a similarly Cantonese experience. Expect delicate flavours and culinary prowess and a pretty reasonable bill.

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