Luozi, Democratic Republic of Congo Travel Guide

It’s no soft adventure getting to Luozi.  Basically, the only reason that tourists come through here is because they are overlanding and were hoping to avoid the shit-show that is the Kinshasa ferry crossing.  I was in the same boat.  The difference is that I got here with a case of full-blown malaria on my hands.  Sure, I didn’t realize it yet, but it didn’t make getting here much easier.  I will say, however, that I quite liked what I saw of Luozi.  The people were incredibly helpful and it is really easy-going.  There isn’t exactly anything to do or see here, but if you need a place to crash for the night, you can do so here.

Where to Eat

There are a couple of little maquis style restaurants near the church and up by the pharmacy.  None of them classify as a typical restaurant, though.  You’ll be treated to the usual Central African cuisine there.  There is also no supermarket.  However, if there are a couple shops selling things like cookies, bread, and other bits and pieces.


Where to Stay

I ended up staying at the Catholic Mission in a room which cost me $15 a night.  I can’t imagine there being anywhere better in this town.  The hotel section of the mission offers private rooms with their own toilet, but only bucket showers.


Getting out of Town

If you’re heading to the main road in DRC, it’ll mean heading down to the ferry crossing, then about another hour or two of gravel and sand road before you hit the highway.  The road is better this direction that it is going to opposite direction towards the Congo.  Once you get to the highway, you can head west towards Angola, or to the east to Kinshasa.

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