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Top 5 Luxury Destinations in Europe


The truth about luxury is that you can really only enjoy it if you’re not used to having it.  It’s like anything really, if you become too accustomed to it, it becomes routine.  As someone like myself who spends most of his time in bed bug ridden rooms or stuffing himself into transport that would make clown cars look spacious, there’s nothing more special than a couple of days being spoiled.  Europe is one of the best places to be spoiled: it is elegance meets pampering.  These are my top 5 luxury destinations in Europe

5. Rome

Let’s start this off with a bit of a classic.  Sure Rome is touristy, and many might think that Venice should take this place, but for me there are few more surreal places on the planet.  Walking through downtown Rome and seeing the Cathedral and the ancient ruins is breathtaking.  Wandering through the Vatican City and St. Paul’s Cathedral is incredible as well.  Moreover, if you’re the shopping type, there aren’t a whole lot of places in the world better equipped to whet your shopping appetite.

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4. Zurich

There are plenty of great luxury options to pick from in Switzerland.  However, loyalty meets luxury in Zurich and there can be a lot said for that.  I mean, anywhere in the world that can be as trusted to handle the money of wealthy people from around the world must be fit with the highest of luxury standards.  While money might seem like the top player in Switzerland, it’s the chocolate and fondu that will keep you coming back.

3. Montenegro

Didn’t see this one coming did you?  For me, Montenegro is Europe’s most under-hyped travel destination, period.  Aside from being absolutely stunning to look at, and incredibly engaging historically, there is a sense of pride that is carried throughout the country.  Those craving luxury and pampering in Europe don’t need to look much further than Montenegro.  For me, this is Greece without the tourist traps and Croatia before it became the center of Balkans tourism.  If any luxury tourism destination in Europe is set to explode, it’s this one.

2. Dubrovnic

Speaking of Croatia, the coastal city of Dubrovnik comes in number two on my list.  With its stone streets and red tiled roofs, Dubrovnik is as classy a destination as there is in Europe.  It has all the character anyone could ever need and plenty of charm to go along with it.  For those seeking luxurious retreats, is there anything that sounds more satisfying that a private villa on a rocky outcrop of the ocean with its own private beach?  That, and so much more, is what’s available in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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1. Monte Carlo

The city of Monte Carlo was the easy choice to head the top of my list of the top luxury destinations in Europe.  Any city where the taxis are Mercedes Benz and BMWs has to be the top luxury destination.  It doesn’t take much time in Monaco to come to the realization that money and luxury are king here.  The casino fills with characters you might have only seen previously in a James Bond movie.  To add to the fiscal wealth, the location of Monte Carlo is magnificent.  It stands proud on a steep hillside looking into the waters of the gorgeous French Riviera.  For those wanting to live out their luxury dream in Europe, there is no place better than Monte Carlo.

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