Luxury: Observations from a Cynical Backpacker

I know what you’re all expecting, a bashing of luxury holidays; but the truth is, that is not what this is about.  You see, recently I was put up on what would be considered by most a luxury type trip, and I soon came to the realization that there is some good to it.  I have been backpacking since kindergarten, and I love the lifestyle.  And the truth is that I probably will never change, even when I have a family I have the feeling that I’ll be vacationing in a backpacker style.  However, there definitely is some good to the luxury travel world.  Here are my observations:

1. Soap and Shampoo

My usual digs

My usual digs

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my soap and or shampoo in a hostel bathroom.  I don’t think I’ve ever made it beyond half way through a bottle of Head & Shoulders before I inevitably leave it behind.  In fact, I’d be lying if I told you there weren’t times that I’ve gone into the shower shampoo free and used some “found” shampoo.   Hotels always have shampoo ready for you, free of charge!

2. Carrying my bags

I know I’m a backpacker, but I have a confession to make: I don’t use a big backpack anymore.  I will write a post about my reasons why sometime soon, but I have my reasons, don’t hate.  So when I get to a hostel I’m immediately thrown to the top floor and have to drag my bag up.  In Hotels, the bell boy does it for me (mind you I have to tip him the price of a hostel bed).

Hostels can have luxury too though

Hostels can have luxury too though

3. Silence

If silence could be sold in hostels, it would be bought.  I think they should open little “quiet rooms” for people to get away.  In hotels, I just go into my room and relax.  There is no snoring, no fighting, no scrunching of plastic bags, just silence.

4. Television

I miss television; I’ll be honest about that, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I miss sitting in front of the television and just completely wasting a day.  Some days you just need a TV day, I haven’t had a TV day in a long time.

5. No worries

On luxury holidays everything is taken care of for you.  In fact, when on a luxury trip I often find myself asking the people in charge if there is anything I can help them with.  I am so used to having to be alert and at the ready that it is very nice to simply relax, clear your mind, and let someone else do all the worrying.

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