It’s fun to reminisce about our old travel experiences. One of my first solo travel experiences was in Central America, which I’m still in love with to this day. I have yet to find a place that holds so much adventure, mystique, and history all in one tight compact space. Many of the people who follow my writing closely have read my account of my experience in Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, and the attack of nature, but today is going to take a different look at the park, a simple picture display from this amazing place.  Just for the record, these pictures were taken in 2005 and I was using a camera that hardly even could be called digital.  My photographic skills, as you’ll see, weren’t what they are today.  Still I hope you enjoy the photos from this amazing place, Manuel Antonio National Park.

Going into the park
Poetic tree leaning out for a drink
One of the many beaches
Green view from halfway through the hike
One of many of the park’s birds
White-faced Capuchin Monkey
The view from the top… incredible
Raccoon scavenging for my lunch… rascal!
Coati coming down for some of my lunch… Rascal #2
Mama and Baby White Faced-Capuchins… eating my lunch… rascals #3 & 4
Amazing Iguana perching right next to me.
Sunsetting over the Pacific from my hammock perch at the amazing Hostel Vista Serena