Capuchin Monkey

Monkey Time – Click to Enlarge

Monkey Time: Daily Travel Photo


The Set Up

I have always loved monkeys.  There is something in their eyes that tells me that they are thinking something along the same lines that I am.  It’s also probably in relation to the fact that I am much like a monkey, I love climbing through the trees and swinging around.  I love the curiosity that monkeys exude, they seem intrigued about everything around them and love to explore their world, something I hope to do as well. I found this particular monkey exploring a park in Belem, Brazil.

The Shot

Their are two tricks to photographing wildlife.  The first is one I have mentioned a number of times, that of shooting from the eye level of the animal.  The second is to focus on the eyes.  It is the eyes of the animal that gives the image greatest power of emotion.

What did I miss?

I posted an article on searching for history in Salvador, Brazil yesterday.

What’s Next?

On Friday I will be posting a photo essay from the interesting city of Belem, Brazil.

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