Photo of the Week: Moraine Lake Cartoon

Moraine Lake Cartoon

Anyone that knows me and my photography knows that I don’t like to mess with the photo too much.  My goal is always to see if I can make the picture look as it actually does, not better and definitely not worse.  However every now and then I like to mess around with the exposure and colour settings, not to make a picture that slightly changes the reality making the shot more appealing than the sight actually is, but to stretch the picture to a point of impossible.  This picture was taken at a lake called Moraine Lake, a place that I think is one of the most beautiful in the world.  The lake sits in a valley called Wenkchemna (which means 10 in Cree) Valley.  The lake’s colour is bright blue when the sun is shining on it, and the valley’s ten peaks stand tall and proud in the background.  However, on the day I visited this lake, one that I have visited dozens of times, the Valley of the ten peaks was very cloudy.  The lake didn’t shine the same and the ten peaks were hidden behind a wall of clouds.  So, I decided to play.  Messing with the shot’s colour temperature, saturation, and the exposure I came up with that amazing picture that almost looks hand pained.

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