If your backpacking days have drawn you to a long, or permanent stay in another corner of the world, which you plan to make your base for, at least the foreseeable future, there’s a whole raft of things you’ll have going through your mind. No matter whether you’re heading off to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States, you’ll be saying a permanent (or at least long-term temporary) “Adios” to the UK.

If you’re leaving the UK for good, or at least for a long period, you may well be giving up your job, selling your home and saying goodbye to all your friends. It’s not only a physical journey you’re about to undertake; it’s an emotional one as well. This is a journey you need to prepare for and one thing on your list is certain to be currency exchange. You’re sure to be looking to convert sterling into a foreign currency at the best possible exchange rate to help you start your new life.

If you’re an organised person, you may well have been tracking the relevant exchange rates for a while and may have made the decision to convert your cash well ahead of your departure. Alternatively you may be organising everything at the last minute and need to sort out a fast, free international transfer, so your cash is in waiting for you when you land. Either way, as an organised person, you’re almost certain to be planning your move with the precision you’ve organised all your backpacking trips, and maybe even just a bit more this time.

If you’re not at all organised which to be honest is the vast majority of us, on the money side at least, a well-versed, friendly currency account manager will prove to be worth his (or her) weight in gold to you. Your very own currency account manager will help you make sure the financial elements of your move run super-smoothly. The best advice is free advice and there are loads of websites set up by fellow travellers or organisations who have so much experience in the process and are more than happy to help and offer tips such as http://www.emigrate2.co.uk/.

Organised or disorganised, making sure you secure yourself the best possible exchange rate when you convert your sterling to the currency of your new destination, is of paramount importance. TorFX.com (UK) works with you to make sure you get the best possible rate every time you exchange money, which means you can start your adventure knowing you’ve secured yourself the biggest pot of money possible for your new life in your new country.

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