Photo of the Week: Mt. Robson

Most of the year she is hidden sheepishly behind a swell of billowing clouds.   It is only the most rare of days that the sun dares shine on her white hair and grey skin.  Mount Robson, in British Columbia, Canada, is the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, and she stands proud.  From her gently meadow base to her glacier capped peaks this great mountain stretches an incredible 3 kilometers straight up from the ground and nearly 4 km above sea level.  If you ever stop by Mount Robson Provincial park and witness this great queen of the Canadian Rockies be sure to take a picture, because it doesn’t happen very often.

Mount Robson is undoubtedly one of the features of any trip to the Canadian Rockies, but moreover it marks a change, depending on which direction you’re travelling, on so many level geographically.  Not only will you be heading from Alberta to British Columbia (or vice-versa) but you’ll also be travelling from the rockies to the cariboo mountains.  You’ll be travelling from somewhat high altitude to the lower level Fraiser River basin.  And you’ll be changing from large pin forests to the huge cedar trees of the West Coast.